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Quality and Experience, Now Available in South Florida.

Performance x Longevity x Affordability

The balance is different for every boat and sailor. Every sail we build is designed specifically for your boat and your sailing.

Decades of Experience, on the water.

Multihulls, Superyachts, Grand Prix, Shorthanded, Bluewater, Performance, Classics and Cruisers. Over the years we have helped them all win.

World class service, since 2001.

From our early days in Canada, to New England, and now in South Florida we provide  the most knowledgeable, timely and affordable service anywhere.

Loft Services

Regular pick up, drop off and onboard service .

We come to you! Installation, removal, pick up and drop off anywhere in South Florida. Some sail repairs and rigging can be done right onboard, which can be a substantial savings.

Rig tuning, Troubleshooting, and Seatrials.

To get the most from your sails the rig must be tuned to match them. This is also the time to diagnose shape and handling issues. We will also consult with you on inventory selection, trimming,  furling and reefing.

Ratings and Measurements

Want a better rating? We can help with that! From IRC Optimization to ORR and PHRF certificates we can get you started off right before you get to the line.

Sail Covers and Furling

One of the best ways to make your boat look like new again is to replace the RF Genoa cover and the Mainsail cover or Cradle. Catamarans to cruisers, everyone likes fresh canvas.

Recuts and Adjustments

Luff and Leech fairing can breathe new life into a tired sail and extend the life of a younger one. Chafe protection, spreader patches, and reefing reinforcements can dramatically extend the life of your investment. Digital shape analysis helps to improve performance now and in future inventory decisions.

Complete Service tailored for your needs.

Just need a touch up before your cruise down island? A luff curve adjustment for the next regatta? Maybe cost effective inspection and repair for brokerage. We listen to your needs and provide the right solution.

Sail and Canvas WASHING

We recommend all repairs be performed before washing.

The best sails are made by Design

It starts with a vision

Every sail we build begins with a candid discussion about future sailing plans and expectations. About the balance between performance, longevity, and value.

True to design construction

CAD design tools not only allow us to customize sail shapes to the particular application, but we can compare the finished shape to the design with digital shape analysis.

Real world application

Dynamic load path mapping allows not only accurate structural support. It makes sails that are more responsive to trim adjustments and improves energy transfer to the yacht.

Sail inventory that works together

Yacht sails don't work independently. Instead each acts as one element of the air foil. To be efficient entry, exit, draft and twist profiles must be complimentary. 

Repeatable results

Digital cutting and detail marking combined with a consistent assembly routine provide for repeatability. Getting it right the first time takes experience. 

Clear communication

Great sails are just the starting point for success on the water. How and when to use them requires an ongoing dialogue between the sailors and the sailmaker. That is why we don't just make sails, we actually go sailing with our customers.

Custom Canvas and Rigging

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We love to get out on the water. Call or email to set up a time and we will come to your boat. So much more can be done in person - it's always worth a visit.

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